About Total Health Chiropractic

Our Office Is Designed For One Purpose - To Help You Without The Use Of Pharmaceutical Drugs, Or Dangerous Surgery. For Too Long, Our Society Has Settled For Pain Relief As The Apparent Solution To Their Health Concerns Without Addressing The Underlying Dysfunction In The Body. Because Of This We Have The Highest Rate Of Chronic, Degenerative Disease Ever. To Settle For Treatment Focused On Pain Relief Only, Leaves The Part Of The Body That Is Not Working Properly To Undergo Continued Wear And Tear: Arthritis, Degenerative Joint Disease, Among Many Other Chronic, Degenerative Diseases. Total Health Chiropractic Is Part Of A New Model Of Health Care That Is Emerging. With Advances In Technology, A Wellness Revolution Is Occurring. Science Is Allowing Us To Better Study The Natural Design And True Physiological Function Of The Body.

Total Health Chiropractic
720 S River Rd # B110 84790
St George, Ut
Phone: 435-656-2888